Awesome service. Everything is very clean and you can really tell that she loves animals. Both of my cats are cleaned and groomed and very happy. 

The theme is so much fun! She puts little bandanas with the Eiffel Tower and other France-related things on it at the end. 

Highly recommended. Very fair prices as well.

Dan A.

We love Valerie for so many reasons! 
Most importantly, our two maltese girls always return to us calm and happy. They are usually irritable and tired when they come home from grooming. Their appointments are peaceful bc it's just the 3 of them in an amazing van.
My husband loves the van!!! It's solar powered, spacious and spotless clean. I love it, too :)
But that's not all folks, she can style our girls. I love the way she frames their faces. They look 5 yrs younger! hehe..but they do.
We highly, highly recommend Valerie!

Rc B.
West Hollywood, CA

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Truly amazing professional service! Very convenient and classy with a touch of a Parisian warmth and style! A must for your furry family member! I highly recommend it and the most importantly, I recommend Valerie, she represents the highest level of love and care you would want you pet to receive!

Alex S.
West Hollywood, CA

Valerie came to our house recently to groom our 2 dogs Bucky and Charlie. The professional and caring way she works was a pleasure to experience, Valerie really cares about animals and the people who care for them. I will definitely use this service again and again as Bucky and Charlie really liked the process and came out looking and smelling awesome. If you are looking for a home pet grooming service I would highly recommend French Touch Pet Grooming for next pet grooming experience...

Thanks Valerie you have a great caring way with all the animals of our world....

Michael W.
Thousand Oaks, CA

First the mobile grooming is very presentable with a great touch of French on it.

The warmth welcoming and professionalism of Valerie is a true sign of caring about your pets.

NO your pet does not need to speak FRENCH they understand her with clarity.

The most amazing sophisticated mobile grooming with a nice sanitized interior as well as clean environment wants you to sit there all day. It is much comfortable than my house seats:)

Interior decor and cleaningness of this place is desirable if your pets like it then you know they are the king there.

Highly recommended:)

Clement H.
Los Angeles, CA